Pets In Need Wish List

The Holiday Season is upon us and we are collecting items for Pet’s In Need at our facility. Here are some of their Wish List Items.

Cleaning Items: Mop, Mop buckets, Laundry Soap, Brooms, Sponges, Brillo Pads.

Shelter Items: Cage clips, plastic wire ties, outdoor yard scoopers, tall kitchen garbage bags, lysol

Office Items: Paper towels, stamps, plastic storage bags, hand soap, Walmart Gift Cards

Cats: collars, clay litter, cat food (wet or dry), Pooper scoopers

Dogs: rawhides, milkbones (unflavored), XL Plastic or metal crates, dog food (nutro or nutro max)

Volunteers: Advertising, Cleaning, mass printing, fundraising!

Thank you for your generosity this Holiday!!
Drop off hours are Mon-Friday 7:30am-6:30pm and Saturday call 815-675-3877